Monday, June 16, 2014

Gieves & Hawkes ..menswear Spring 2015 .. London Collections

What a concept! Within the costume drama that is about to unfold, better known as men’s fashion weeks, I suspect this will be an early oasis in the deserts of trying too hard, gimmickry, shock and over intellectualized clothes.

Gieves & Hawkes proposes real men’s clothes or in other words clothes that might be worn by real grown-ups over the age of 21 men who work for a living. What I am trying to say here is that these are not clothes for D.Q.I. T’s or circus freaks but actual wearable tasteful modern menswear. Oh and DQIT means drag queens in training!

To further their proposal for Spring 2015, the collection is shown on good looking young men who actually look like the clothes belong to them and not nubile boys dressed in some version of the emperor’s new clothes. Yes, it is quite a concept to show a collection that doesn’t force the viewer into a slack jawed disbelief or render the viewer hysterical with laughter.

So yes, it is true that these clothes are not going to rock the world but what they will probably do is sell; you remember selling, it is what makes this a business and not a source of entertainment. Clothes must sell to a customer as the reason for the show may be the hype but the shows don’t necessarily generate the dollars and cents needed to stay in business.

All that being said, this is a collection that requires no blah blah blah and it speaks loudly and clearly to its customers. I am betting it is a language that many men of many ages will understand very well and relate to on a retail level. While the media pundits may find this boring, the writer is willing to bet that this collection will outsell any 5 of the ones praised by the pandering pundits who only care about press releases, advertising money and blah blah blah.

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