Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ralph Lauren ..resort 2015

In the old days well about 30 years ago or so, resort was when you trotted out the first of nautical stripes, polka dots and navy blue. There was usually a tad of lace tossed in and yes always some dressy clothes for those who travelled or were looking for party frocks.

We are reminded every day that fashion must be modern and au courant and a reflection of the times… i.e. Rihanna and KK, thank you nuclear Wintour but why is that when designers look back to beautifully merchandised collections and the formulas that existed are the collection so pitch perfect?/ can you explain it?? And please do not tell me that their customer is old and tired... I beg to differ!

Real designers, those who design clothes and don’t offer explanations for them, seem to get it right as they KNOW how to take what was and modernize it. There are no press releases necessary, no wild and fantastical unwearable shapes and absurd flourishes; there are instead exquisitely rendered clothes that appeal to the broadest range of clients. If one considers Mr. Lauren and Mr. de la Renta, one might see that they are known for their hits and not their misses. In fact, their misses outshine the best of most others!

So, with all that said, BRAVO Mr. Lauren for still one beautiful collection that may not stop the world but could never be confused with anything other than... well... just plain beautiful and really the essence of what fashion should be all about. 

PS .. Frida this is how you do low slung leather … take note of a 1980s YSL moment with leather skirt, then bronze now gold, paired with navy jersey!

PLEASE also take not that their is no reinvestigation necessary season after season.. insterad there is a fluency on the vocabulary and DNA of the brand!!

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