Sunday, June 22, 2014

PRADA by Miuccia Prada Springs 2015 men's

Well how do I say this gently? How’s, so what?  How’s, I liked Tomas Maier’s take on this much better? How’s, can she make the clothes any more unappealing BUT since pigs are flying this week, I did like 3 or 4 exits; in particular the raincoat with leather trim and there was a grey leisure suit with self-detail stitching that did catch my eye! It reminded me of one I owned in several colors from the GAP.

Maybe I figured it out by saying that the clothes are so uninviting so stand offish so to speak. The collections never invite or tempt me in any way and that might be the issue. Most collections have a covet factor or at least an appreciation factor and neither of those qualities are felt when I look at almost any Prada collection and that includes ladies’, men’s, shoes, jewelry  and even handbags.

Since I don’t have the scripted review to go by and by that I  means I am void of a press releases with Signora’s high minded babble, I can say that this 60s,70s retro geeky vibe is getting mighty tired. Maybe since I   lived through the eras, I have this animosity but I can’t shake thinking that most of these clothes should be fabricated in double knit polyester or in bonded fabrics to complete their authenticity.

Then of course there is that Teva like sandal that looks like it has a non-skid attachment strapped to them ... just what I always wanted for hundreds of dollars or maybe I am thinking it looks like a paper sole taped to the bottom of the shoe a la homeless footwear. Well much to Miuccia’s credit she didn’t show with athletic shoes and for that alone I might consider tossing her a compliment. That magnanimous moment passes quickly when we get to the subject of models.

I wonder what a 40/50 year old customer thinks when he goes into buy one of these get ups. If runways provide the notion of the ideal retail customer then Houston we got a[problem right here in River City. Nubile barely pubescent looking young men are not exactly a target audience when the tariff on these clothes can add up to the 1000s with not much difficulty. Do you think they provide Clearasil and provide primers for John Boy’s first shaving lesson as gifts with purchase? I think they really come with a set of instructions that say after dressing do not look in mirror!

PS does the term Peter pan complex apply?

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