Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tom Ford Spring 2015 men's

Let me be brief here and let me make my feelings known and be heard loud and clear. Tom  Ford is many things but the one thing he is not and never has been and that is a good designer or for the most part a designer at all, he is a brilliant marketer, his own best PR hack, a savvy stylist and very very full of himself.

Spring 2015 furthers my point and lays testament to my claims. He perpetrates a fraud on the world of fashion and the panderers and fawners eat it up as if it was true. This ridiculous excuse of a collection is nothing more than hubris and grandiose dose of Levi’s, Calvin Klein and Scheplers. Per chance the denim is woven in Tasmania by blind nuns but even that would be a stretch for a pile like this. By the way, now he has glamorized the eternal uniform of gay men everywhere. Are you a Lonesome Cowboy? Maybe a hustler of days gone by?

I mean to say that does one think that giving the fringe on a western jacket a haircut and adding said fringe to the yoke of a jean jacket is worthy output for a designer of such supposed stature. Me thinks the gods of fashion might be a bit nonplussed.

To me, this is Mr. Ford laughing at those who will praise this as if it was the second coming. To me this is Mr. Ford laughing at the gullible client who thinks that these clothes might actually be worth the price and the hype. Lastly this is Mr. Ford laughing all the way to the bank and then some!

If you are buying what he is selling then I wish you good luck but I remain unimpressed other than with his powers of persuasion, press and PR!

PS … he might have a bridge to sell  you! And Blah Blah Blanks ... How do you sleep at night?

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