Monday, June 23, 2014

GUCCI .. spring 2015.. men's

Ooh I am gonna say that dirty word again... Salable! And one more … commercial!! Then there comes a string of expletives that are avoided in this century by the fashion media… fashionable, appealing, classic, stylish and here is a stretch... ageless

I am guessing that Frida got told! Pandering to the fawners does not sell clothes as most just have their heads up their asses trying be so so au courant and reading press releases so they can write about what they don’t understand. Imagine, you don’t need an instruction to book to wear them or to find a reason to buy them. The point is simply this and that is Gucci for spring looks like spring and is hugely appealing to many types of fashionable men.

We have nauticals in the form of red/white/blue, we have stripes, we have blazers, we have sockless Gucci horse bit loafer and in essence we have some very classy clothes that are fresh as opposed to blending in to that sea of sameness that I keep referring to day after day. Loads of jackets and great sportswear looks that can either be viewed as a total look or in pieces which translates to sales …oops! I did it again… another dirty word.

What this seems to prove is that the design team at Gucci can turn out collections that are viable, chic and wearable without all the bells and whistles. There were some gaffs but nothing too critical and they would be that ill-conceived pajama look which looked way out of place, an International male fisherman’s tank top, and a few slouchy shirttails looks those sailor pants which surely lost something when they became slouchy and sloppy as opposed to on the waist. Somehow I seem to think that the sailor pants error is more of a generational thing that a fashion one as this generation has no experience wearing sailor pants other than on a runway. What is worth noting is the despite any missteps, this collection still retains all the slick and polish that comes from a strong presentation.

PS... Here’s one for you to chew on... When you distracted by beautiful clothes, you are less likely to look at those who are walking the runway in them!

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