Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Valentino resort 2015

One word … EDIT!!! Well maybe a few more like restraint and overkill!

Can we talk ? Frida Kahlo meets Timothy Leary meets Maria von Trapp and they drop acid and off they go to resort 2015 to meet Lucy in the sky.

Talk about having to take a collection apart and talk about never say die … jeez this collection is way more than anyone needs to see or know about. Messrs. Chiuri and Piccioli have never been known for short and too the point nor have they ever been known to skimp on ornamentation and embellishment but hell… the endless presentation might induce some drowsiness despite it all.

Despite the excruciatingly complex embellishments and flourishes, there were an awful lot of clothes that one didn’t really have to see and would not have been missed. What I found most amazing  is that some of the most exquisite pieces were those that had no bells and whistles and just purely beautiful flawless design. Maybe they were there as an antidote or the palette cleansers for the visual overload but no matter they were major statements of what these 2 designers were capable of minus all the tchotchkes and window dressing.

Stellar pieces were the white shirts which were pristine and razor sharp and the silk crepe dresses, tunics, caftans and one particular take on a trench coat.  Even the kaleidoscopic over the top prismatic pieces were amazing. It is just sad they showed that way due to the squint inducing reaction they caused. No matter my opinions, the constant here is the impeccable make, finishing, embellishments and fabrications; they have become hallmarks of the brand in its present incarnation.

This from Some Like It Hot came to mind.. sung by the late Marilyn Monroe:
Running wild, lost control.
Running wild, mighty bold.
Feeling gay, reckless too,
carefree mind all the time, never blue.
Always going, don't know where,
always showing
PS …  you might want to have a look at the entire presentation on the website of your choice as this is just a fraction of the collection.

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