Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Emanuel Ungaro resort 2015

Well, we return to somewhat familiar ground here and the question that begs to be asked is this; “why take a heritage brand, initiate a so-called brand revival and then exterminate and eviscerate all the DNA and vocabulary that make the brand famous?”  Chew on that for a bit!!!

Case in point here is Emanuel Ungaro. Ask anyone to tell you what the brand stood for and they will tell you that Ungaro was all about sex and feminine clothes. They might associate the following with the brand as well: polka dots, shirring, draping, get lucky quick, tight, jersey, suits, dresses, florals, cabans, black and white and color. I should have prefaced that by saying that you would have to be older than 30 and possess fashion acumen that extends beyond descriptors such as fierce and fab. In other words, one might have had to know what it meant to be designed by the eponymous designer, if in fact you ever knew there was one!

This atrocity bearing the name is just one more effort to use/prostitute a brand in order to further the career of some nascent talent. M. Puglisi has extrapolated some of the DNA and turned it laughable and cartoonish and then to ice the cake he plunges the brand into the ocean of sameness as it was just a uniform for the fashion clueless. In what galaxy does a photo image of Madame Dubarry bear any relationship to the brand other than they are both French. This bit of so called genius is a tired attempt to cash in on what Tisci already built a reputation on by ruining Givenchy.

Let’s go a few steps further and talk about the Prada like details, the over use of studs and spikes and one more time the absurd droopy clumsy fit that is pervasive within the world of fashion. In other words WTF are you thinking here? If anything, Ungaro was the designer who was copied or referenced and not the one who used others as a way of building his business. And now we are back to this; “DESIGNERS WHO DESIGN!”

It is my opinion that this designer should stick to building his own brand and walk away from a position that only bolsters the demise of fashion rather than the rise of fashion as long as he is at the helm! Take a history lesson and learn what it means to design for a heritage brand and not just apply your misguided interpretations upon that brand.

I’m done now …rant over!

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