Friday, June 6, 2014

Michael K K K K Kors resort 2015

 My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail... AGAIN!! But being as intrepid as I am, reviewing the collection is no problem and it can still be accomplished in the age of the internet. With that being said, let me start off by saying something positive about the collection… pretty palette!

I really thought that sanity had returned to this world and that MK was once again going to be the king of clean and slick sportswear looks; alas that quickly devolved into this sort of slouchy sloppy ROW version of Michael Kors. Maybe he and the twins collaborated on this or else how could you explain some of these looks.

Yes, in fact I did think the color palette was beautiful, the tie dyes looked great and the maybe 6 dresses were perfect for anywhere dressing either during the travelling sort of resort season or summer in the city. And then... bad dah dum... came these shapeless earth mother dresses and separates  that would certainly work in the lineup at THE ROW or maybe  Celine or Chloe or Stella but they surely don t fit the mind set of that MK has built over the course of his career.

Aside from the Birkenstock like footwear and the Hunteresque boots which add that J Crew sort of feel, please explain to me where these clothes fit the image that is projected in the institutional ads that Michael Kors runs in national magazines. Can we talk about that crochet 60’s dress or some of the seemingly loving hands at home knit wear and oh yes let’s talk of the shearlings or curly lambs and the sable lined field jacket… okay .. So we spoke of them … moving on…..

If ever there was a time for Mr. Kors to stick to his guns and exercise the DNA and vocabulary of the brand, it would be now since there seems to be an endless supply of sameness out there. Where are the slick cosmopolitan looks that populated his collections for years? For me, it is gravely disappointing that one of the rare American designers who have built an empire has succumbed to the miasma and malaise that has befallen the saddening world of fashion.

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