Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Giorgio Armani Spring 2015 men's

 I wonder how Giorgio Armani lives with himself. I mean it can’t be easy being him and turning out collections that are pure 100% unadulterated Armani. To top that off, he really doesn’t give a rat’s ass as to what the critics have to say unless of course they assault him and then he simply bans them.

Spring 2015 at the Casa of Armani is all about being a man of style. You might remember them, they wear beautifully made clothes that hint at trends and don’t necessarily blend or want to belong in the worlds created by the likes of Wang’s and Nicky’s, Ricky’s and Raf’s.  In other words, these are clothes that are refined, slick, cosmopolitan, soigne, immensely tasteful, ageless and might massage a trend rather than come at it head on. You might also recall this man as the one who understands that navy blue is the black of spring and being a man and looking like man is asset rather than a deficit.

This brings me to the styling including the model selection for the presentation, translated simply, Mr. Armani selects men who are unabashedly unmistakably unapologetically handsome and look like men. There are no post pubescent boys or any possible transitional transgenders here. In another facet of his my way or the highway thinking, he goes against the trends and the prevailing preferences of other designers.

Here is my big revelation of the day... Giorgio Armani is the Ralph Lauren of Italy! They consistently turn out collection that speak to their client base and attract new ones each season. Both designers turn out collections that have that covet factor and turn the tried and true into the new. You might say that Lauren and Armani are magicians or per chance masters of their art/trade who have seduced their customers with clothes that offer silent signals of success and taste without the bells and whistles and the look at me factor.

That’s my rant!! Keep in mind that it is understood that you either love or hate these clothes but know that I have been seduced and not once have been abandoned

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