Monday, June 2, 2014

Giorgio Armani Resort 2015

The collection is as simple and easy as my commentary. As I have stated countless times, Giorgio Armani is his own man and he is oblivious to trend ... well … not entirely ... But for the most part and this collection is further proof of his vision and his mission.

Jackets? Check… relaxed? Check… confident? … Check and very Armani... CHECK!

To my eyes, the collection appears to be younger in spirit and there is a simple luxury to it... nothing contrived just beautiful clothes for women who love Armani and maybe even for those who are not usual fans of his collections. The palette is simple and very in keeping with the season. Mr. Armani definitely sees resorts as a resort collection and now a wear it now collection and that alone makes it stand out from all the rest.

What amused me was his nod to the athletic wear that has been so prevalent on runways around the world. The most blatant and yet the most subtle was the footwear which was not the least offensive or ridiculous. The key to Armani is subtlety and here was no exception as it was a nod and not a statement.

Simply said you either love it or hate or are indifferent but if you are an educated observer, you just get it!  The Armani DNA and vocabulary is spoken loud and clear including some heavy doses of luxe. I am a fan so I adore it!  What’s your take?

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