Saturday, January 19, 2013

Berluti .. Dior Homme fall 2013 men's

Well in a little more than a year, what was once known as a shoe brand is now a full-fledged brand with an apparel collection that will resonate with its well-heeled customers...pun intended!

The Berluti Fall collection for fall 2013 is all things chic, tasteful and masculine.  The clothes are slick, polished, rakish and youthful without being kiddish in any way.  There is a great cool factor there as well as a slight edge, and again without being de trop, to borrow an apt phrase!  Actually, it is impressive for a collection such as this to come of age so rapidly and to still have retained its initial vision.  Mr. Arnault’s son, Antoine, has certainly done great daddy great justice with the invention and vision for Berluti, the brand!   
 One might say that the collection might be perceived as a bit foppish  leaning toward the dandy!

Speaking of Mr. Arnault, let’s move right along to Dior Homme.  For once in a very long time, I was attracted to this clean, lean and sharply tailored collection.  Here is another case when the collection does not come off as kiddish but more adult and edgier than Berluti but still very much for grown men who want a trendier look. The focus has remained the same but the presentation and the clothes themselves have morphed into a collection that befits its name…   bravo Kris Van Assche!! 

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