Monday, January 21, 2013

Atelier Versace .. Haute Couture Spring 2013

As Estelle Parsons shrieked in Bonnie and Clyde…. “MY EYES>>>MY EYES!!!!”   Can we talk about a visual assault? Can we talk about the that after the laughable men’s collection,  that was just presented last week,  that Donatella must have taken on a new  day job  as chief designer for Theater of the Absurd because she sure aint designing clothes for this world.  Let’s hope she is not the harbinger of things to come this season in the couture.

In what universe are these clothes even remotely a credit to the brand and the late designer who is either spinning in his grave at 5000 revolutions a second or is just laughing  his ass off  because his sister fancies herself a designer.  It is conceivable that if I spin this as very eastern European inspired   but even that is a stretch as I am not sure even Natalya and Svetlana want to look like this.  It does sort of remind of what was once considered dress up clothes in the provinces of China.

It doesn’t matter if the brand spent millions on models and makeup and show production, this can only be called a mess on all levels except for the venue.  The only stretch of the imagination that I come up with here is that this is Kardashian Kouture which it should be understood bears no resemblance and has no relationship to honest to goodness genuine Haute Couture.  This is just a pile of cheap looking clothes that took enormously huge amounts of time and money to produce …quelle dommage! What will the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture think of this?

I read that there is a white mink monstrosity that took 500 hours of labor to construct and to that I am hopeful that whoever was responsible didn’t run out and blow their brains out after seeing the finished product.  These clothes are part Wonder Woman, part Fredericks of Hollywood and for those who might remember, part Lew Magram Catalog.  Talk about a collection and a brand gone astray; one can hardly wait to see what full on Fall 2013 will look like.

P.S.  maybe this is a Donatella ho-down!

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