Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CHANEL Haute Couture sp 2013

Can we talk?   Karl Lagerfeld astounds us in some way almost every time he shows a collection. Either he blows us away with location and sets, with his themes, his seemingly endless imagination, the art and craft of fashion, a completely incomprehensible collection or in today’s case, more than one of the aforementioned and by the sheer breadth of this presentation.  The amount of exits would be considered large even for ready to wear let alone for Haute Couture.  There is safety in numbers here as it would be near impossible not to have stellar moments and some bloopers as well but the hits are in abundance!

One also has to be impressed, amazed or repelled by the fact that Mr. Lagerfeld can beat a theme to death like no other and when it comes to driving home a point he is primo in his perseverance. Without knowing all the back “inspirations” or blah blah blah, let’s say that Chanel haute couture has a laser focus from below the chin to the elbow.  One lost track of just how many pieces have that flange like detail at the upper arm/bicep area.  One cannot ignore the passages that have emphasis on the rounded and extended shoulder.  One cannot ignore the weightless ness of the typical Chanel tweeds, the lacework, the open toed boots cum leggings and lastly the effusive use of the most lavish couture techniques and materials.

The clothes speak for themselves and the fawners will fawn and try to explain and describe this collection but the best description here is by seeing it and looking at it and formulating why this brand is so successful.  Mr. Lagerfeld leaves no stones unturned and wants everyone as his client and he will have them … from socialites to wives of oligarchs and any of those who can afford it will clamor for it.

P.S. .. this season you  even get a little social commentary as a finale!

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