Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Versace ... pre-fall 2013

Signora!  Hey you, Signora Versace …. “Cosa stai facendo?” or “what the hell are you doing?
One would have to be blind not to see the Versace, and  I mean Gianni, signatures that are employed and yes one would have to be blind not to see the overt sexuality of the collection but one would also have to be blind to ignore this over attentiveness to jeans, camisoles and furs.

There are some  beautiful pieces that are so immediately identifiably Versace and then there is a slew of generic looking “outfits” which seem to have lost their way from a diffusion line and wound up in the “mother brand.”  I have long been a supporter  of the brand but I have approached it each season with trepidation and Ms. Versace seems to have ADHD at times and forgets the main goal here ... clothes that sell.  The late Mr. Versace was provocative and crazy like a fox but he never lost sight of his goal no matter how extreme or over the top his collections might have been.  That is called vision! And skill!... clearly lacking this season.

For me this collection is another bump in the road for the brand as there is not much to see here save for a few pieces here and there .  I am quite sure that the Versace woman has more than enough pairs of skinny black jeans and lace trimmed charmeuse camisoles.  Again, I understand that some designers approach this “non season” as a chance for their greatest hits but c’mon there is much more to this fabled brand than what was shown.

P.S. it is a bit obvious that the collection is very Svetlana, Olga, Elena and Natalia but there needs tobe a bit more of a global focus and not so much emphasis on the mother Russia!

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