Monday, January 7, 2013

LANVIN by Alber Elbaz pre Fall 2013

It is very difficult not to love Alber Elbaz as he is so tuned into his ladies and his label that he is the object of great admiration and adulation.  Monsieur Elbaz is a prospector who has found gold in the mines of fashion.  He gives his ladies what they want while retaining a cool, urbane and sophisticated look for the brand. 

 For pre-fall 2013 Mr. Elbaz has gone wild, well jungle wild and yes he stays chic and never crosses the line into garish or tasteless but there is some kind  of sexy under tone no matter how covered up the styles might be.
I am sure many will say the collection has too much leopard and zebra but what he has discovered is that animal prints sell at every conceivable price point and to every imaginable age group.  Mr. Elbaz is only interested in his city girls who know exactly what to do with the prints and so he offers them boots, pants, coats, dresses,  handbags and more to pile on or use as accents to spark up a black or dark dress.

Monsieur Elbaz beautifully shows off his excess as well as the minimalist in him with everything from the razor sharp coat to the grey tweed dress to the boho chic brown fringed blanket coat.  There are very few designers who offer collections that cover so many bases with such skill.

There is no question that this is the collection that women who always thought that Cavalli was too sexy and too overt will be flocking to at retail as well his very faithful followers who will eat this up.  Keep in mind that this is also a collection that will surely resonate with many ladies who have never worn Lanvin before.  These are not intellectual that need to be explained, they are the clothes that keep stores alive with sales and not markdowns!

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