Friday, January 11, 2013

Chalayan .. pre-fall 2013

For many years I was not even a spectator of the “art” of Mr. Chalayan called fashion.  He was one of a rare breed of fashion designers who had elevated the craft of dressmaking, if you will, to an art form... well, more performance art and feats of amazing construction.  Then, about 2 years something magical happened; suddenly the clothes were not just for spectators and spectacle, they suddenly entered the realm of possibly wearable fashion.  I am now a fan!

Mr.Chalayan turns out clothes with nuance, fragility and still with grand flourishes of construction.  Maybe, since I am reading the newest Balenciaga book that I find there is some sort of parallel but no matter how distant, it does exist.  I am awed by the details and the almost undetectable and subtle details that he utilizes; whether it is the razor sharp tailoring or the shape of a cut out or even the origin of a drape.  You may want to reread that passage as there are very few who I look at with such respect for the art and craft of fashion.  I may have only spoken with such regard when addressing the body of work that belongs to Ralph Rucci.
Rather than blather on and on with blah blah blah, please look at the slideshow with a more discerning eye and hopefully you will see what I am speaking about.  I believe that in the future, this designer will surely rank amongst the greats of the 21st century.

P.S….. I do clearly see that the collection is not perfect and there still is room for improvement but this designer may turn out to be an unsung star in the world of fashion who reveres only those who are deemed press and editorial worthy!

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