Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thom Browne...pre-fall 2013

This will actually pain me to say but... there are some truly beautiful clothes in the Thom Browne pre- fall collection for 2013.

This is one of those 50 shades of grey stories but I can say that this collection does not lack for innovation, style and silhouette.  Last season, Mr. Browne was beginning to show clues that he might be going in a slightly more commercial direction and my guess is that here is the proof.  Please do not even entertain the thought that these clothes are being sold at Macys or Lord &Taylor anytime soon but they will surely be seen in Neiman Marcus, Barneys and Bergdorf’s this fall season.

The clothes have edge, they have design they have eye appeal and they are slick and cosmopolitan.  Yes, there are some pieces that are extremely costumey and some that might be perceived as matronly.  I am so taken with a few pieces like the multi plaid suit with cropped side slit jacket, the side draped grey dress, the nipped waist full skirted pieces and the leather jacketed “knit” suit that I can hardly believe I am writing about them in such glowing terms.  In a season when apparently the underlying theme seems to be to sell clothes, Mr., Browne has certainly spoken loudly to me!

I would be remiss if I didn’t make the awful more literal written analogy to 50 shades of grey and Mr. Bowne’s story can be just as titillating to a fashionphile.   What I do find interesting is that some of the clothes seem to be deliberately photographed so that they look clumsy and cumbersome but maybe that’s just to satisfy the designer’s mind so that he doesn’t think he crossed the line to “crass commercialism!’

 At any rate,  he is a welcomed source of design in that sea of sameness we have come to know

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