Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ALEXANDER McQUEEN .. fall 2013's

I am not sure how to approach this collection and by that I mean do I look at it from a retail/sales point of view or from the fashion as art form/esthetic point of view.  Well, here goes, Sarah Burton is indeed the reincarnation of the late designer as she forges ahead with the Alexander McQueen men’s collection for Fall 2013.

Visually, the collection is arresting in every aspect, whether it be presentation or content.  To say that the clear masks are disturbing is an understatement just as saying that the “cubist” technique used in suits, jackets and coats is interesting.  The overall take away from a [presentation like this is mesmerizing as well as memorable.  One can only start to imagine what has to happen to end up with results such as these.
All of this being said the clothes are impeccably constructed with emphasis on razor sharp lines and exquisite tailoring.  The softer side of the collections reminds one of proper English gentlemen!  (Here,  think Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley and then maybe the men of Tamara de Lempicka))  in the foulard dressing gowns expect here the mean are wearing their silks as skirts and occasionally even their pinstripes as skits or dressing gowns.  For me the spectacle of it overshadows the practicality, which I so often stress in my reviews but sometimes you just have to relent! 

Consider me a great fan of Ms. Burton and the late Mr. McQueen even though it took me a while to get it!.. The bottom line is that I am sure there are salable pieces albeit wildly expensive, but that fan/customer will eat this up like no tomorrow.  These are the clothes that turn shoppers into rabid fans.  These are the clothes that fashionphiles aspire to and these are the clothes that stand out in a sea of sameness, I take it back … an OCEAN of sameness.

Standouts were the tuxedo pants, the color blocked turtlenecks, the color blocked coats and the grey “cubist” pieces.

P.S. we won’t really discuss the leaded glass prints or the red velvets....oopsie!

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