Sunday, January 13, 2013

Versace fall 2013 men's

Cosa pensavi?

Donatella has lost sight of the real and true essence of the house of Versace.  She just delivered a less that wonderful pre-fall for ladies and now she delivers a borderline mockery or disaster of a collection for men’s fall 2013.  What were you thinking?

Having  been a long standing Versace client, at one time,  for over 20 years, I was intimate with the vocabulary that was Versace and more than well acquainted with what made Versace such a  power house in menswear.  I wore Versace from the 70’s, at the very beginning,  to the mid to late 80’s until Gianni too lost his mind and turned the label into a literal 3 ring circus.  Alas,  Gianni was the man with the  plan
and skill  and Donatella shocks for the sake of shock and there in lies the fly in the ointment!

This collection with its highly noticeable mxing of divisions offers up a rather urban  and borderline vulgar collection where the DNA is so buried and disguised as to be almost inconsequential.  I am overwhelmed with the lack of restraint and bad judgement in showing such unappealing clothes.  If she is aiming to jiggle her client base so that it is inhabited  primarily by 2 bit and of the minute rappers ... well then she is a winner hands down.  If she is trying to give the Versace client, the ones who looked to the label for the slick, overtly trendy and sexy clothes, then she has miserably failed!

Graffiti covered  denim and scroll prints on denim are as tired as an insomniac going on 3 hours of sleep in a week and showing  jackets over lace edged spanx grows thin faster than you say “cosa?”  The tailoring that has been an  integral part  the collection since day one is eclipsed by all the cheap theatrics and styling, the exploitation of the male pulchritude /beefcake angle and all these  ugly costumey clothes. 

The time has come to hand the reins over to real designer.  I always hoped that she might succeed but it is clear to me now that she has veered way off track and things can only get worse with a full on Fall 2013 presentation  and a couture collection, all to happen within weeks.  Mama Mia!

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