Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentino haute couture sp 2013

Does one suppose that he scroll work design used throughout is really the iron work pattern from a cemetery?  It would make sense as these 2 need to get a grip on reality and realize that this walking dead zombie like models wearing these monastic creations might as well be walking in a couture funeral procession.

There is no question that he clothes are beyond impeccably made but hell; they are so drab and unexciting.  Beyond the obvious of a color palette, the shape repetition is absurd.  Even with the addition if a few new silhouettes, what’s the point here?  I understand all about being discreet and not “shouting “about the money you are spending but c’mon! 

Even the red pieces lack the exuberance of what the brand stands or stood for; Mr. valentine may not have been the most youth  oriented but there were plenty of young women who looked divine in the clothes and the “ladies’ always looked to perfection but what is this mess they keep pushing out.
I fail to accept that no one else sees what I see…. These somnambulistic ,  bland looking, almost pubescent girls looking like their mothers just died wearing these unbelievably expensive exquisitely made clothes  and thinking that this is exciting …nuh uh kids.

Yes, I will say that the new full skirted pieces are refreshing but hardly earth shattering given the archive that these 2 have access to, but really a “square” skirt with a 4 pointed handkerchief hem is hardly  rocket science in the world of fashion.  They need to dig deeper and use what they have to expand the brand in a more exciting way.  Yes there are oodles of details and unbelievable fabrics but all lost in the miasma that is Valentino of 21st century.

P.S  Mr. Valentine was always accused of making matronly clothes and yet if you look at this pile … Mr. Valentino designed for the trendiest girls on the block! AND transparent doesn’t translate to youthful!

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