Thursday, January 10, 2013

Emilio Pucci .... pre-fall 2013

There is a conundrum present in this pre fall 2013 collection by Peter Dundas and that would be... is this really pre-fall or wear it now?  Upon further examination, one might also be asking if he wants to change the idea of who the Pucci client is as the overt sexiness of past seasons is absent in a great majority.  If you consider “hair length” hemlines sexy, then it’s still here but if you are looking for seductively sexy, then move on.

There is also a seismic shift to a much more daytime oriented look as well as much more relaxed feel to the real evening looks and I am not referring to the Mia farrow minis,  they are cute but Lisa Perry has been doing them for years.  I wish I could ask him why he is so fascinated with his version of a Chanel jacket or maybe his version of a bed jacket which seems to appear in quantity during the course of the collection.  The jackets apparently solve a multitude of problems as well as answer a multitude of needs.

My take away is that, in general, designers are opting to show clothes which have a larger degree of wearability rather than “look at me” clothes.  After so many seasons of throwing caution to the wind and showing all these editorial clothes that one needs to invent reasons for buying and wearing; now everyone actually wants to SELL clothes that women can wear and keep for more than one wearing.  This new train of thought has certainly permeated many collections for pre-fall and rightfully so.  There has to be a reason for women to spend thousands of dollars on clothes rather than spend it on a piece of jewelry, a fabulous handbag or some cosmetic procedure.

With all this being said, the end result is that many designers and brands are doing a 180 and not all of them can cut it once they are forced to turn out collections that retain the original DNA and branch out from square one.  Very simply put, if you have turned out get lucky quick dresses for about 5 years, can you suddenly turn out dresses that  go to lunch and cocktails?..... THINK ABOUT IT!

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