Friday, January 25, 2013

Zuhair Murad haute Couture sp 2012

Let’s state the obvious here; Zuhair Murad’s collection is unabashedly, unapologetically, unmistakably and overtly sexy.  These are not clothes for the faint of heart or for the shy retiring wall flower; these are the clothes that demand and receive attention.   It is no wonder that J Lo is a devoted fan as Mr. Murad has surely helped define her stage performances by wearing what he has designed for her while on tour.  Please do not assume that she is well suited for the clothes, this is just a statement of fact.
Zuhair Murad is pretty much an in your face designer as these clothes are beyond the pale when it comes to sexy.  He operates at full throttle with maximum drama from start to finish.  He obviously is not of the less is more school and yet with all the incredible embroideries and embellishments, he remains true to himself.  He is a credit to haute couture as his ateliers must have worked overtime to produce some of these wonders.  There are allusions to Greek goddess dresses and in some degree Greek Mythology as well. His restraint appears only with his choice of color palette.

Mixed into all the soufflé/tulle embroidered pieces are some lighter than air chiffons/georgettes that can be worn by those mere mortals who have no stage aspirations on any level.  What is interesting is that when he chose to omit the glitz, he chose a very Versace/Hermes inspired print which he worked with deft hand but the couple of pieces got lost in the flurry of sparkle and glitz.  I know that not every single piece that Mr. Murad’s  designs is embellished to this degree and it might be nice to see a few of those “simpler” type dresses make an appearance in the next collection.

The take away here is simply, keep your on eye on this guy as he is not a one shot wonder and not to be counted out.  This was his formal introduction to the land of Haute Couture and as far as first time go, he certainly did shine!

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