Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Giorgio Armani men's Fall 2013

There is really not a lot to say to say about this Giorgio Armani collection for fall 2013. Mr. Armani merely adds a “dialect” if you will to his already well-established vocabulary. He merely tweaks what he has done and presents it as new and while so many designers feel they are capable of the same maneuver, sorry to say 99% of them are not up to the task.

This season, the silhouette is lean and defined with all the signature flourishes that make up his collections. We have pinstripes, velvets, tweeds, knits, quilting, shawl collars and a variety of proportions which is what makes the collection so stylish. It is not only about the abbreviated or shrunken proportions but it is also about the classically elegant proportions that define the Armani customer. As you see in the slide show, classic doesn’t dictate boring or bland. The clothes quietly scream rather than shriek out loud like so many others that are trying to be what they are not… tasteful!

So, there are not a lot of surprises here as Mr. Armani is all about evolution and expanding his vocabulary without causing much of a stir. His collections feed off of each other and are extensions but with the subtle design nuances that are employed by a man who is in control of his destiny and no longer worried about fitting in or being on trend.

No doubt, there will be his detractors who will call the collection more of the same but then again, I would so much prefer this than to have seen a pile of useless, unwearable, unattractive and ill proportioned clothes which will find their destiny by September of this year………. The markdown rack!

In a contest between Armani and some terminally trendoidal collection, which look like yesterday’s news within one year of its single wearing, I’ ll take this, hands down, and keep it for as long as it fits and as long as it holds out.

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