Saturday, January 12, 2013


Ermenegildo Zegna is a name that has been a force in menswear for over a century.  The company was a longtime supplier of fabric and a family owned textile mill but in more recent times they have been known as a go to resource for men’s clothing, primarily suits and weekend wear for the polished business man and now for men of the world.  The evolution of the now mega brand known as Zegna has been exactly that evolutionary.

This is not a collection for fashion victims but rather a collection for men of discerning taste who want  to look like men that are urbane, sophisticated, rich and stylish without looking like they are wearing a costume or worse yet that they are wearing someone else’s clothes.  For, Fall 2013, the collection is slick without being too edgy and almost monochromatic in shades of grey and back.  There is no doubt that the book title 50 Shades of Grey will be used to describe this season’s offering.  Do not take this to mean that the collection is interchangeably tedious or boring as it cannot be confused with either.

Yes, exquisite fabrics that are unmistakably luxurious and are used throughout and with great élan.  Yes, lots of shades of grey whether marled or tweeded or patterned, exquisite outerwear which is always a hallmark of the season, and a lean yet easy silhouette are employed exit after exit.  Flourishes such as U necked sweaters, cummerbund waists, fencing vests asymmetric zip closures and shawl collars are also major components which amp up the stylishness of the slick collection.

I am excited to see a collection that is ageless, chic, and classic and uber tasteful.  There are way too many collections who try to attract attention by being over the top and outrageous.  Zegna remains at the top of the heap when it comes to delivering product that is destined for closets and not mark down racks!

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