Monday, January 14, 2013

SAINT LAURENT by Hedi Slimane pre-fall 2013

Apparently, Mr. Slimane has never seen a photo op that he didn’t want to turn into an editorial or an image opportunity which is really too bad for him and the brand.  If only he opted for color rather than black and white photos and thought about showing an entire garment.  The black rooted bleached blond is not exactly awe inspiring either!  My guess is there is also the issue that he is only focused on selling to the boutiques and not the majors which he will learn  is not a great idea.. . For now!

From what I can see, there is plenty of the namesake’s DNA floating around... from Le Smokings to pea jackets, motorcycle jackets  to that shirred wide gypsy/peasant neckline.  Shockingly enough, Mr. Slimane even managed to throw in a dash of leopard which was certainly well within the vocabulary of YSL and certainly not one of Mr. Slimane’s trademarks.  There is a tough chic about the collection reminding me of when YSL spoke of the riots in the   streets of Paris with girls in motorcycle jackets etc.  The makeup and styling might indicate that those riots and street fashion were major inspirations.

As I stated within another review, there is always a complication when one is overly expectant of another person and here again is the perfect example.  I was hoping that the exquisite color sense of Mr. St Laurent would become part of the new Saint Laurent but perchance it is too premature to even think it.

I am very much of the watch and wait here as I see and believe that Mr. Slimane will outshine his colleague at Dior when it comes to the re-envisioning of a legendary brand.

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