Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Elie Saab .. pre-fall 2013

The wonderful thing about Elie Saab is that even though he showed Haute Couture and ready to wear on the same day, he showed 2 very distinct collections.  Each collection was unto itself in that each had a definite point of view and each one was unmistakably Elie Saab.  This in itself is a great combination of discipline ability.

Pre-fall 2013 is all about the clothes that reach many many more women and are far more affordable, not to mention that many more women will covet these clothes for their wardrobes.  These are the clothes of a somewhat more real life as opposed to the clothes of the rarefied Haute Couture.  Mr. Saab shows us he designs clothes and not just retreads or borrows from other designers.  I know it is a novel situation these days but this designer designs!

The ones thing that mgr. Saab insists on is that you take care of your body; these are not half size clothes by any stretch of the imagination.  These are body conscious clothes, if not a tad unforgiving, but these are clothes that quietly scream look how fabulous do I look!  The dresses and suitings are lean, precise, clean, and modern and designed for women to look their best, with or without an accessory of any kind.  Hair, make-up, shoes and hose are the requirement and you can be as chic as any style icon.

The palette is simple and very understandable and allows for endless possibilities.  I have some personal favorites such as the caftan, the white Vee back paneled pant and top, the cropped trapeze like jacket, the razor sharp tailored suits and the peplum dresses.  In actuality, I really don’t think there is a boner in the grouping; it is just a matter of what one prefers more than the other.  When is the last time you ever heard me say that about any collection?

If pre-fall is meant for easy sales, then Mr. Saab should have a sellout season!

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