Thursday, January 31, 2013

Andrew Gn pre-fall 2013

Can we talk? Can we talk about impeccably made and designed clothes?  Can we talk about a modern ageless collection?

There are some designers who can and some who can’t and then there are those designers who do and those who don’t.  Andrew Gn can and does execute precise, exacting and clean lined highly coveted  clothes on a very regular basis.  This particular collection is restrained in the fact that Mr. Gn has been known to get carried away with his embellishments, but for pre-fall 2013 it is just about as perfect as it can get.  His color sense is very “democratic” without ever being dull, the proportions are beautiful albeit a bit short and each season he demonstrates his design chops by designing clothes that are true to his DNA.

Rather than blather on and on, you need to look at the blouses which are breathtaking in their detail and delicacy, the inventive sleeve treatments and designs, the “minimal” monotone embellishments, the razor sharp tailoring and the impeccable “make” of these clothes.  The silhouettes are trim and reasonably forgiving although I do wish he had selected a different shaped pant to use throughout.  Two favorite design nuances were the shirt tail sleeve and the georgette cascade hippie sleeve which couldn’t possibly look any less hippie!  A few favorite pieces are the leather hemmed black cocktail dress, the leather lapelled smoking, the lace pieces and the caftanesque shape he uses for his gowns.

The take away here is that Mr. Gn delivers a product that is as close to haute couture as you can get.  His ladies are loyal, fashionable and deep pocketed.  The collections are reflective of his clients and an extreme talent.  It’s a pity that the media appreciates only those who can afford to spread around their advertising dollars and not those who are genuinely talented and have earned their job titles … designer

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