Thursday, January 24, 2013

Elie Saab Haute Couture sp 2013

Here’s the thing about Elie Saab, he makes beautiful tasteful dresses that are runway worthy yet not flashy and trashy.  A little trashier might be nice and by that I don’t mean distasteful, just sexier ala that first Halle Berry dress that thrust him into the spotlight. 

Mr. Saab is known for his embroidered dresses and gowns and he remains true to the DNA that he has created.  This season his “loyalty” is all about these tone on tone embellishments and the illusion that all the pieces are gossamer light.  Every dress, no matter how heavily embroidered, seem to be as filmy and floaty as to defy the reality.  His clothes offer alternatives to women of every age as he has also found that not every couture client will wear sleeveless or strapless and I am very sure that in great part accounts for his popularity and success.   With this extra insight he displays a heavy infusion of business acumen.

The primarily monotone collection is all about pastels and softness in every way but one would have to be blind not to see the impact that these dresses make when they are offered in red and black.  Leading lady and star quality are in abundance here at the house of Saab.  He is a wise man in that he confines his couture collection to his evening looks as his ready wear has been slowly expanding with the addition of beautiful day looks.  In essence, Mr.  Saab gives his clients what they need and want and when they want it; he does not try to be one man band which is much to his credit.

My gripe which is the same with almost anyone who employs it, is that below the knee length which cannot possibly be more unflattering on just about everyone but then again, this is couture so that issue is quickly eliminated  upon the whim and wish of the client.

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