Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bottega Veneta by Tomas Maier ..fall 2013 men's

I feel as if I have been drugged or brainwashed this season as suddenly there are these designers, which I never really cared for or about and now they are delivering collections which I like and that includes some standout pieces!  Case in point is Tomas Maier for Bottega Veneta.  In this instance, maybe the beauty and integrity of the book I just finished about the brand is still fresh in my mind but for Fall 2013, Mr. Maier delivers a notable collection.

Again, either I am imagining it or it is true but the silhouettes are more sophisticated and, oh God! Commercial!  By commercial, I mean to say that the abbreviated look that has swept through the men’s business like flood waters is still here but in varying degrees.  I am no fan of anyone, man or woman, looking like they are wearing someone else’s clothes as I do believe that clothes must fit.  The sport coats/ suit jackets seems to be of alternative proportions with some even approaching what was once considered normal.  I found some of the outer wear pieces to be exceptional with the overall palette to stray just far enough away from the greys, black and navy to make things interesting.  the overall tone remains austere but there is something warming about the collection that make you look again like the use of leathers which seems to be as soft and supple as jersey.

One more time, I repeat that there is a trend for designers and brands to deliver more wearable and understandable collections which can only translate to heavier bottom lines... sales!  All I can say is...Well it is about time that everyone realized that there are not enough 20 something with trust funds to support all these luxury brands.

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