Monday, January 14, 2013

Christian Dior by Raf Simons pre-fall 2013

Collection 2 and I am not shooting off any cannons nor raising any flag here at Christian Dior for pre-fall 2013.  Raf Simons delivers a slightly schizophrenic collection that speaks to the DNA and vocabulary of Dior but in a rather strange way.

If I had to state what the silhouette is I would say lean and/or waisted.  Yes, there are the famous Dior jackets paired with skirts and/or slouch pants and then there are the oversized plaids.  Yes, let’s talk about those plaids that look oddly reminiscent of Alexander McQueen, so Mr. Simons might have tried to execute them a bit differently.  Then there is that high/low hem length which may work as a gown but surely is peculiar when mixed with a coat and was also “invented” by Balenciaga and not Dior.  We can address the color palette which is again one of those wear it now and fall 2013 mixes but with a preponderance of white which is styled to look very summery complete with white handbag.  Lastly, we can speak to the mini group of tweeds with odd color gloves and shoes and yet seemingly summerlike.

With all this being said, where’s the big whoop?  Yes, I know that the season dictates salable and  bankable clothes but the season does not say they have to be boring.  Yes, there are some pretty clothes within the capsule collection but there are a few lulus as well.  let me just add something about the floor length side sash which I personally think is fabulously dramatic  but hardly what I would consider anything near approaching day wear!

With haute couture being literally days away and full on fall being weeks away, Mr. Simons had best be preparing for laser like criticism of the coming collections.  I hope he is up to the task as it would be such a waste to toss out the customer that Dior has built in the past 10 or so years. 

Tick tock!

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