Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Sp 2013

This man is far from finished!! One can’t help but be amazed, overwhelmed and impressed when a veteran designer and somewhat a neophyte at haute couture and turns out a collection of this caliber.  It was exciting, modern, true to the designer’s DNA and best of all it is so far from a me too collection that Mr. Gaultier might have well shown on the moon and he would stand alone as he does now.

He has shown his mettle as for some reason, when Mr. Gaultier designs his haute couture or when he designed HERMES, he unleashes a chic that is not to be found in his usual ready to wear collections.  There is this torrent of divine that gushes out like the way I am gushing when I see something as exciting as this and that is rare.

Yes, there are some bloopers but who cares when the what’s left is of such wonder and quality.  Words are totally useless when there is a collection like this  and if one cannot see what he has done then I really think that you need to  keep  looking until you understand what is before you ! 

No one needs to fawn over this as there is the reassurance in knowing that you have created something memorable even in a world where change is worshiped.  To the detractors I  say get a longer resume or open your eyes , stop seeing advertising dollars and start recognizing talent or maybe you just need to get out of Dodge.

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