Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alberta Ferretti Milan Collections fall 2013

Well here is something that retailers might like to overhear on the selling floor… “The collection is so beautiful, I really can’t make up my mind, and I want them all!”

And that would be a proper introduction for the Alberta Ferretti collection for fall 2013.  As an overview, Ms. Ferretti has mad e good use of her restrained decorations and embellishments, provided an ample section of jackets which are beautifully tailored, upped the “chic quotient” to perhaps a new level for her and showed this enormously uncomplicated, in your face, buy me now  and wearable collection!.. How’s that?
There are some great coats, great dresses for day and cocktail, and some beautiful gowns which range from the tailored looks of decades gone by and to the sexy illusion looks which are flooding fashion circles.  There is this sort of graphic deco feel and some Cecil Beaton My Fair Lady influence that permeates much of the collection.  Yes, it might be due to the fact that so much of it is white accented with black but I am not sure that is it as there are many white pieces which seem to border on the pristine and virginal.  Make no mistake this is a not a collection that will be considered far flung and costumey.

The end result is this very commercial and very tasteful collection that can satisfy the needs of new and old clients alike  ... and I do not mean age wise but yes that too!  My favorites are the pieces with the vertical stripe of embroidery, the austere blue evening suit, very Lee Radziwill I think, and of course some of the white and black pieces as well.

This is a lovely way to start the Milan collections and hopefully it will be a shade of things to come during the next week or so.

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