Sunday, February 17, 2013

Temperley London .. London Collections fall 2013

Alice Temperley delivered an exquisite collection of beautifully made dresses that will keep her clients and the very Duchess of Cambridge very happy.  Kate will have delivered her heir and will be more than ready to jump into any number of these stunners as soon as possible.

As I have stated, time after time, there is an art or rather an innate talent that involves making clothes appear to be weightless no matter the material and Ms. Temperley has certainly mastered either the art or honed these abilities as the collection seems to float on the runway. 

Ms. Temperley seems to have made it her mission to  producing pitch perfect clothes for women of no particular age , that is to say, they must be very tasteful  as the clothes reflect a certain rarefied quality that would have been found in collections by Bill Blass, Galanos and perchance Norell.  The point I am trying to make is that these clothes require no back story and no blah blah blah... these clothes speak for themselves , in fact they just about SCREAM!  These are timeless beauties, classic, yet never boring, they ooze just the right amount of sex appeal and are never garish.

I don’t want you to think that the silk jacquard tie fabric pieces held the same fascination as the rest of the collection, but within this rare misstep of a group were a few beautiful pieces.  Most of these pieces were boxy stand away and somewhat clumsy and the collection could have done well  without most of it.  Was this a Thom Browne / Michelle Obama moment? 

I also found it very interesting that Ms. Temperley chose a what I call a King Tut print toward the end of the show.  The colors were almost identical to an Hermes scarf from the late 70’s that tied into the world tour of the King Tut exhibit.  Whether intentional or not, the “Egyptainesque” print worked flawlessly.

The take away here is simply that this young woman is in the fashion business.  She provides beautiful clothes for women of discerning taste.  She obviously follows her own drum beat and is to be commended for turning out a collection that is head and shoulder above so many, no matter where it might be shown!

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