Friday, February 22, 2013

Versace Milan Collections Fall 2013

Hello..hello!.....Donatella please...Yes I know she is busy I must speak to her now...Tell her it’s Jeffrey from New York…yes 'll hold...Ciao Donatella….I know you are very busy but I had to call immediately!!!  What have you done carissime?  Poor Gianni is spinning in his grave!  You were supposed to let the design team design this collection instead of you having so much input…no, no don’t speak... this is my dime I want to say it all once and be done ! silenzio.. Are you having he flash backs again? No don’t tell me!

When you told me you were going to search the archive I thought you might go further back but no not you... You have to go the punk, dominatrix, bondage, discipline and hooker route.  Dona baby doll, no woman wants to look like she is working a corner for a five spot a trick.  I mean really, you just had to do harnesses and studs and spikes and NAILS…   my god, then you  make everything so tight and so short and so trashy...honey,  you have done it this time... a big fat mess!  What were you thinking?

What will Allegra, Santos and Gianlusa say about this mess you made here? How can you think that opening the show with 2 patent leather maillots with coats over them spell fall? Even the mistresses don’t want to look like this!  Don’t you think that a collection that looks like Richie Rich is a bit much?  Have you scared everyone that they are afraid to tell you that it is time for you to retire and find someone who can revive the brand?  Mah Dona mama mia!!!  Listen to me, even aspiring sluts want to look like ladies these days and now you think they want to look as cheap as free lunch.  Are you sure you are clean?

I can’t speak to you anymore .. I am too upset with you!... che casino che hai fatto è cagna stupido egoista

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