Sunday, February 17, 2013

David Koman London collections fall 2013

One of the reasons to see the London collections is to discover new talent... well at least new to the “eye of the beholder!”  That takes us to David Koma and at the risk of being “too punnish” these clothes are certainly not “coma” inducing!

The collection for Fall 2013 is for those who want to be noticed and will be.  The clothes are reminiscent of Larry le Gaspi in his La Belle days so there is a definite 70’s vibe going on here.  Adjectives that come to mind are geometric, curvilinear, zippered, trapunto, bold, architectural, structured and a bit of space “age-y.”
All this being said, the clothes are not very “costumey”  so much as they are very modern,  daring and only for  those who have a bit of theatricality in them… These are clothes that leave the degree of “edge” up to the wearer as these are clothes that can easily be flipped  to the “Lady Marmalade” side of fashion.

After one gets past the overall presentation, it would be hard not to notice the finish on the clothes as it is very obvious that Mr. Koma is a demanding designer who knows his way around garment construction.  This is a young man on the move and a designer who must be watched for I think he might be a treasure waiting to be discovered!

P.S. if there are any words or terminology that you don’t understand or recognize … Google it or in a last resort… ask me!

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