Saturday, February 23, 2013

Roberto Cavalli Milan Collections fall 2013

AND the pigs keep flying by my windows…. What  does it say when the designer, who thought that over the op was a way of life and built  an empire based on that premise, shows a decidedly demure and toned collection that actually looks chic?  Again please take into account that all things are relative.

Mr. Cavalli may have gone to the extreme here for fall 2013 but the clothes have not lost their personality.  He opted for an almost entirely black and white presentation, shook up his DNA to give it a more matured and refined look.  Fashion is about instinct as well as clothes; I know no one ever talks about that, instead we hear of all these esoteric high minded inspirations that supposedly influence the designing of a new collection.  Mr. Cavalli must have sensed that the time was right to pull back and redefine the Cavalli client.  If you recall, weeks ago, I said that the coming fall season might bring a renewed collective point of view and that was... less fantasy, more reality and clothes that can SELL!

I don’t care if he reimagined the Chanel suit or how he looks at rock star dressing because he did it his way without diluting his pint of view!  Again, as previously stated, designers design!  Even if they have design teams, they should be able to give direction so that the end result is a seamless presentation of what the eponymous designer was thinking when the process began.  I applaud Mr. Cavalli for having the balls to do a 180 and show a beautiful collection that will alter his client base for the better.  Women who can afford to wear Cavalli cannot be rock stars and sex goddesses their entire lives.  These fall clothes are sexy in a different way, perhaps even sexier as there is something kept to the imagination.

Do I think that skintight leopard and animal prints and fringe are gone forever...not a chance, but how refreshing to explore new territory rather than use cheap tricks and gimmicks to run with the flock and make ugly the new pretty!  He flexed his designer muscle to achieve award winning results!

Kudos to you Mr. Cavalli and don’t listen to the fawners who will probably say your collection was boring … so are they!   P.S...If the truth be known...I miss me some leopard!

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