Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ralph Lauren New York Collections fall 2013

Person to person call to Ralph Lauren from Jeffrey… is this Ralph?
Oh… Hey Ralph I wanted to tell you that in my eyes you are a king of kings and for 99% of the design community in NYC, you tarnish them all and make them hang their heads in shame.

So, Ralph, I wanted to know how do you take the same puzzle parts year after year and always come out with a new image and direction?  How can you deliver an almost entirely black collection and make it look so light, refined, slick and classy?  I noticed your nods to dandies, and foppishness and the Byronesque quality to the collection as well as the swagger and play of proportions that you do so well.  How can it be that you do it so effortlessly and so many of the new kids don’t have a clue?

And, Ralph, there was a Poiret moment I saw in the evening pieces and also that you practically abandoned your tweeds and plaids which was a nice change and yet you are so loyal to your brand DNA and to your clients.  You offered so may alternatives in pant shapes and skirts and dress silhouettes, and yes, I loved the more severely waist accentuated looks.  You really are such a genius to have only accented the collection with white and a touch of red and that creamy vanilla shade... it all does look so incredibly beautiful and relatively accessory free.  I am loving that you used hose, loving the sane shoe wear and am just in awe of what you do season after season.

Ralph, one last thing,  I am sorry I took up so much of your time and I so appreciate you listening to me gush.  I salute you and the other Ralph, you guys make me proud to be part of this business and so privileged to partake in what you guys do!

…. Hello? ... Hello? ... your call has been disconnected!

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