Thursday, February 28, 2013

Balenciaga Paris Collections Fall 2013

There must be a HERD of pigs flying by my window  as I am about to say words I swore would never pass my lips … Alexander Wang’s freshman outing at Balenciaga for Fall 2013 is pretty damned good if not very good , if not beautiful!  It’s hard for me to get out the sentiment … but alas it is true.

Mr. Wang has undergone a transformation from cargo pants, tee shirts and shorts to real grown up sophisticated clothes that even have a chic quotient!  I cannot believe these words are passing through my fingers to the keyboard to the screen.  I am duly impressed and shocked and yet pleasantly surprised to see it all.
The collection is modern, youthful without being “kiddish”, sculptural in the Balenciaga sense of the word and minimal in the Balenciaga sense of it.  The collection is restrained with its black and white palette, stark yet not off putting, sexy, slick  and ..This is really getting me...wearable!  I have to say here goes... he nailed it!  Yes it is true so I will say it again. He nailed it!

Let’s talk the sculpted cutaway jackets, the silver bow, the fabulous shoes, the “Rucci-esque” suit, cutaway jackets, the enormously salable short dresses, and the overall tone of the collection is just commendable!
I loved the white tops, the engorged lace pants, the dresses, the suits...if this keeps up I might be in love …. 

One thing for sure , the retailers will be jumping up and down as they finally can sell the brand ….

This is the collection that invites comments so PLEASE do just that ……

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