Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fendi ... Milan Collections ... fall 2013

Well this is when the Fendis show their stuff and by that I do not mean collection, I mean that this is when they are at their height.  Fall is the season to show off what they do best and yes, I know Karl Lagerfeld is involved but I have always believed that this is more of an amusement to him than a career move.  This is where he gets to challenge their abilities to achieve looks and effects that are as improbable to achieve as they are wildly imaginative.

Today was about Punks; if you really need a theme, but I would just like to examine the incredible workmanship and the incredible dexterity that is involved in the creation of these furs.  The Fendis are known as furriers and makers of leather goods and only marginally recognized for their apparel.  My feeling is that the clothes would be overlooked or even swept aside as whimsy were it not for the involvement of Mr. Lagerfeld who brings weight to the brand when it comes to apparel.

But, I digress … back to Punks or Mohawks to be specific which happened by using the strip of fox, I am guessing, as headgear.  The schoolboy striped scarves and the stripings were wonderfully achieved as were effects that Tom Ford would have killed for had he the imagination to conjure in his egotistical little head.  I am not a fur expert but I do know that these pieces will have the best furriers in the world shaking their heads in awe and amazement.

I have never had the feeling that the clothes were of primo importance as I have just stated, the Fendi business is all about furs, handbags, accessories, shoes and not about clothes.  In a way it is much more fun  at Fendi  than, let’s say Gucci, who wants to be taken seriously as a brand for apparel as does Louis Vuitton and yet neither really has an identity or any gravitas beyond their real source of revenue and their advertising budgets … the cash cows being leather goods, shoes, accessories and handbags!  Fendi offers no pretense, just collaboration with ONE world class designer who goes hither and yon every season with a new look and a new direction but consistently delivers product that draws attention to the “mother ship.”

So, with all that being said, enjoy the show as it is really something to see and forget about the trends and the of the moment looks and marvel at the competence, deftness and ingenuity that is Fendi

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