Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monique Lhuillier New York Collections.. fall 2013

How refreshing it is to see a collection where a designer concentrates on their strong suits while gently push the envelope to stretch their boundaries.  Ms. Lhuillier arrived sort of late to this fashion week business while building her presence as a force in the world of red carpet culture for clients who coveted her lush evening wear in Los Angeles.  When I think of her, it is twofold and that is her ethereal chiffons and her embellished pieces although there are those who would add her simple fitted elegant gowns in taffeta, satin or lace.

It is the wont of almost every designer to try and accomplish the growth of their collection by morphing from, in this case evening, into a more daytime segment aspect for the collection.  Yes, Ms. Lhuillier is slowly evolving the collection by adding more daytime pieces but please do not think I mane dresses to wear to the supermarket or just something to throw on to run errands.  And yes, some of it works and some of it doesn’t quite hit the same mark as her evening pieces but they are still head and shoulders above what is already out there from other designers.

What is most definitely worth noting in this collection is something II have been referring to during the past few days and that is a light touch; the almost ethereal quality of the gowns and even the almost weightless appearance of her embellished pieces as well as the brocades.  Take for instance the spidery embroidery cum lace, airy light feel of that “fireworks” embroidered back strapless tulle, the exquisite quality and overall look of the McQueen inspired red Raj gown and even the malachite printed pieces which might certainly have wound up as loser in the groups.  I believe it is an art and an innate talent that allows a designer such as Ms. Lhuillier to achieve such incredible results.

The shapes are varied as well as being reasonably forgiving which in this retail environment is essential. It does occur to me that with her own retail stores and via her bridal gown business that she is acutely aware of women who spend large sums of money to wear beautiful clothes.  Without knowing, I can safely say that that she spends time on the sales and meeting with her ladies.  All of this serves Ms. Lhuillier to great advantage and it is a pleasure to see a collection that speaks to its DNA and to the designer’s ability to slowly expand her world.

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