Monday, February 18, 2013

Jasper Conran fall 2013 London Collections

What a refreshing change after NY collections and now almost over with London.  Mr. Conran takes a much needed less is more approach for a good part of the collection and it is a welcomed sight to say the least.

Mr. Conran’s vision for fall 2013 is certainly not the dead and dreary black of collections already shown, but here we are bombarded with color in a most appealing way.  The clothes are beautifully simple and soft which makes for an unbelievable foil for the over wrought and over designed collections that have paraded catwalks for weeks now.  There is a distinctly 60’s vibe and a healthy shot of Cardin and Courreges which takes the collection to a decidedly more care free time.  Remember this was also the era of the youth quake!

Despite or because of this, the clothes take on a “retro ish” feel but that would only be for those who remember the 60’s and well, for the rest, they will find clothes to wear rather than just admire or gawk at. Did I mention that the clothes are easy fitting and still would never be confused with slouchy or sack like.   I am especially fond of the neon brights and the “disc/petal” pieces at the end of the show.   

And I would be remiss if I didn’t take note of the fact that Mr. Conran used hose as an accessory … pet peeve you know!

And one more time, I will say this... Designers design!

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