Friday, February 8, 2013

Jason Wu ... Fall 2013 New York Collections

From the moment you entered the venue the message was abundantly clear; this would be a very elegant collection.  Jason Wu delivered on the message in spades!  Depending on how you read signals, the message might have also been  grandeur, but this was not about spectacle; this was about a modern, flirty, feminine and then there is that word that some read as safe or boring… SALABLE!
Mr. Wu clearly knows his client and he gave them plenty of what he has made them hunger for and that is slick, elegant, tasteful clothes that women can relate to on so many levels.  The silhouette was clean and narrow without being severely so and the palette was about as pleasing as it can be.  One can hope that this collection is a harbinger of what is to come in the coming days demonstrating that pre-fall was indeed the warm-up of things to come.

Loving the narrow pant, the fit and flare, the peplums and a very restrained use of embellishment and allowing the clothes to speak for themselves.  There was attention paid to the shoulders, the prim white collars, and the waist but all of it in a very soft way without going to extremes to prove a point.  It is a mark of self-assurance when a designer, who is as young as he, can show clothes that so silently scream what it means to be a designer.

Favorite pieces include the skirt over pant pieces ala I Love Lucy and the polka dot black on black, and the peplums. I need to revisit the feathered pieces and I am totally on the fence about them but I am intrigued by the lace pattern slick fabric used for raincoat and parka... at least I think it was lace patterned and it might have been patterned vinyl!  I adored the fact that there were no platforms on the shoes!

The take away is that the collection delivered on a spectrum of levels but what it did not do was hit a high note; it evolved and unfolded but it never exploded!  Now I sound like some fashionphile who wants to scream FIERCE!  I’ll take a collection like this hands down over a few ‘fierce” unwearable dresses.

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