Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bottega Veneta Milan Collections Fall 2013

 I missed the weather forecast but it must have predicted pigs flying again today!  In another surprise moment, Bottega Veneta delivered a collection of note for fall 2013.  Tomas Maier showed his “brethren” that it is possible to DESIGN beautiful and tasteful clothes and present them as such.

Beautiful hair and makeup added to the overall image of the clothes which were high on concept and long on what clothes of this caliber should be … chic, a bit “arty” (DNA of the brand), superbly executed and here’s a concept for you all … marketable!  Bottega  Veneta is of the school that they  intend  to honor and revere the craftsmanship and abilities of their facilities and the work they produce.

I don’t want to always sound like some whiner who wants or thinks that his way is the only way to see things but I do know that I can still spot quality and good design whether or not it “fits” into my personal esthetic is not the issue.   Bottega Veneta is one of those brands that I have a sort of love/hate thing going on with as I always recall the brand as being wildly chic and discreet much as Hermes was way back when.  Mr. Maier and I may not be of like sensibilities, as he tends to be far more cerebral than I when it comes to fashion,  but with this collection we are of like mind.  The clothes look expensive and are wildly expensive; he has opted for a well-designed wearable and never boring high concept clothes that are at all times intriguing.  No, I  am not a fan of the, at lack of a better description, the “paint palette” pieces nor all the origami folds for the most part but at least the collection is original and the extremely subtle “gimmicks” are not overtly screeching  for attention nor are they obviously of the new ethos… ugly is the new pretty!

There are some great beauties in the lineup and I am confident that Mr. Maier has assembled a clientele that will appreciate the mindset of the collection. I believe he has built a more intelligent and well informed client base as opposed to the “uber trendoidal client” that so many others have opted for with their focus. I tip my hat to him this season and trust that my feelings will be echoed in the expectant sales and acceptance of this collection.  I love the subtleties of texture and of color and the play of matte and shiny that is used in many pieces.  No matter what or if there is blah blah blah attached to the collection, there are clothes here and clothes that really require no explanation… only eyes for beauty and a healthy budget!

I urge everyone to speak up  and peruse the collection… the so called arbiters of fashion have lost their “cred” and so I feel that it is more important than ever to be impartial, yet opinionated, and hope that some iota of smarts has been offered to the reader!

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