Sunday, February 17, 2013

L' Wren Scott London Collections Fall 2013

Here’s the skinny and I do mean skinny on fall 2013 at L’Wren Scott; unless you are of perfect proportion, these clothes are not for you.  One needs either to be streamlined in shape, no matter the height, but being taller than 5’7 (170cm) is most helpful.  See Ms. Scott!

Ms. Scott who is British by  injection, take that any way you like, made a wise choice to show  in London this season as New York has become a cacophony of shows that no one needs to see.   This collection is as always very sleek, slim, body hugging and with that 50’s/60’s vibe.

Loving the snakes in recognition of the lunar New Year or maybe it was the 60th anniversary of Bulgari or perhaps just a fascination but no matter, it works here.  The coat and dress ensembles work best when the “coat” is not any form of cape as the capes seem to be working against the underpinnings which should not be the case.  The capes should provide a foil to the slimness of the dresses but the capes come off as awkward instead.  Ms. Scott proves that certain clothes only work in certain colors as with her “rib caged” stitched leather jacket and pants shown in  that menopausal shade of blush as well as deep rich brown … ‘nuff said!

Extremely eye appealing is the palette, aside from that flesh color as were the embroideries that focused at the collar cone and above.  As I was taught years ago when selling, these are the clothes that bring light a woman’s face and provide above the table interest.  Speaking of light and razzle dazzle, let’s talk about that gold kid skirt with that rush of color decorated cardigan and the all over striped strapless dazzler.  Also I cannot go without singling out the simple but beautiful black cocktail dress with that golden coiling snake and the 2 black on black suits.  Let me know if you had a Klimt moment toward the end of the presentation as I did... made for a very interesting reference aside from the usual Mad Men moments!

The take away here is pretty, a bit spotty and definitely not for everyone but certainly worth a look.

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