Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana Milan Collections Fall 2013

When I find myself in times of trouble,
Mother Mary comes to me,
Speaking words of wisdom,
Let it be.
And in the hour of darkness,
She is standing right in front of me,
Speaking words of wisdom,
Let it be…….

The start of this spectacle, as show would be an understatement, was nothing short of jaw droppingly amazing and staggering.  The guys at Dolce& Gabbana have certainly honed their skills to an art form especially with their latest venture which happens to be alta moda or more commonly known as haute couture.

The opening mosaic pieces were beyond incredible, (heavily influence by Roman churches), not so much for the pieces themselves but the incredible craftsmanship, artisanal detail and abilities that each piece offered.  These are pieces that are usually saved for last but then again, this is Dolce & Gabbana and these guys don’t follow the flock.  While we are on the subject of being individualists, I would be hard pressed to recall any designer who so profusely and so literally referenced religion and churches as a theme device for a collection; maybe a piece here and there but never in such quantity. Talk about topical! And of the moment!

Tailoring is a star in this collection without question; it is part of what makes Dolce & Gabbana such a staple within the business of fashion.  I was particularly taken with the red segment of the show which I think showed off the skills of the design duo to their absolute best advantage, whether it be dresses or tailoring or just fashion… beautiful pieces shown simply and elegantly and a great repite from the black and white and mosaic themes.

Okay, I want to ignore the elephant in the room but I can’t as I must return to the heavily referenced religious mosaics as well the crosses and the liturgical references which were integral to the collection.  There are no designers of this caliber that would ever use such a controversial topic as the talking point of their latest collection and for that I tip my hat.  These two have built on empire on their talents and their skills and they have never been shy about their personal influences nor their heritage.

I believe that this is a collection that will resonate with the dyed in the wool Dolce client and for the rest of us, we need to take a step back and look at the pieces out of context from the presentation and evaluate them individually; the end result is that there is plenty to satisfy the 21st century fashionphile!

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