Monday, February 25, 2013

Gianfranco Ferre Milan Collections fall 2013

Can we talk?  I need to say this as I believe it to be true.  I believe that Stefano Citron and Federico Piaggi are on the precipice of something great here and they just really need to give it a nudge.  I have watched the development of the reimagined brand and there are times that I think they have run afoul of the eponymous DNA but they seem to be closer than ever this season.

Here is my analogy in very simple terms; they are writing with a dull pointed pencil and all they need to do is sharpen that pencil to achieve the fine line that is needed to clearly define the image of the name.  if you need it spelled out in another way it is following the directions of a recipe and doing everything to the letter and on that very last step where it says season to taste … the recipe never lives up to the expectation!  Got it?
I see a lot of the touchstones of the original Gianfranco Ferre and even the steps taken to modernize or update the DNA but that crispness, that edge is absent.  Now is the time to whittle those shapes until they draw blood… razor sharp.  The is also a bit of vintage Geoffrey Beene in the designs which certainly coincides with the design ethic of Mr. Ferre.   Messrs. Piaggi and Citron have been toying and tinkering with the brand for about a year and they need to take the final step and nail it.  I believe that the fashion flock will embrace them... I see it as if they do this, that Ferre can be viewed as a less intellectual and less minimal brand , think Jil Sander but far trendier!  Are we clear here?

I genuinely hope that the brand continues and that these 2 will do what I really believe they want to do and fully restore the luster of the brand.

P.S. Note to Nicole ..Haider Ackerman..really?   GFF did the belt 20 years ago so who borrowed from who ?

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