Friday, February 22, 2013

Dsquared Milan Collections Fall 2013

   Did you notice the pigs flying by your windows this morning?  That’s the only reason I can figure that the Caten twins have delivered a show that might just possibly be the best they have ever shown since the brand’s birth and if not that, then the first time I will have many positive things to say about their fall 2013 presentation.

I will dismiss that much of the show is a bit derivative but that plays second fiddle to the facts this show demonstrates that the guys can be real designers who are more than capable of jeans and ripped tops, costume looks, rock n roll looks, cheesecake and beefcake.  We need to glaze over the opening exit of the beautiful nude feathered and beaded confection that was dangerously close to sliding right off the extremely flat chested model.  Indeed it was a false start as what followed was a 5 star polished presentation with chic and retro 40’s overtones … note presentation and collection!

So now let’s talk about the perfectly tailored suits and high crowned fedoras which were  delightfully accessorized with butterfly bow ties; each girl properly made up  and accessorized in a very tasteful retro  way.  This was an all grown up show and not some silly amateurish fiasco filled with nonsense clothes, gimmicks and accessories aimed at girls who are either  too young to afford them  or  probably  mostly to those too old to wear it!

So what if the opening suits resemble some Prada of years gone by and that the gowns came out of the blue in force as evening has never been what the twins are known for but … it’s a good thing, provided that they have decided to shed their Peter Pan image of not wanting to grow up because this collection is a much matured way of designing and presenting fashion.  Of course they will have to hone their eveningwear chops the same way they have with their tailoring.

In the end this was much more revolutionary than evolutionary and whether or not this will be accepted by the retail community will remain a big question and what will occur in the larger picture is when clothes no longer are of the hip and slashed jean wearing fashion addict, will she be willing to grow up and face life as an age appropriate fashionista.

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