Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rachel Zoe New York Collections fall 2013

Dear Rachel,
I just saw your show and I really want to ask you “who do you think wants to wear what you wear and why would anyone want to look like they are wearing clothes that come from Kohls and possibly K Mart?  You stand there at the end of the show grinning in your ratty fur coat which  still might have a bullet hole and in your puddling bell bottoms and thinking you are and look fabulous … fraid not dolly!

I just figured out why your collection keeps being dropped by stores and that is because there is no reason to buy looks like these from you.  This is a just a pile of clothes accessorized with a hat that belongs on teenagers and not women who raise them.  Rarely, over the course of my career have I been able to spot and sniff cheap leather from a distance  but thank you for this,  being the first and I hope the only time that ever happens.

Really, Rachel Darling, you are not doing yourself any favors attaching your name to this stuff and I am pretty sure that your clients are not exactly lining up to wear this either as your hourly wage would afford them a full season’s wardrobe of this .  I always go back to the same premise DEAR... and that is... just because you stand in a garage, you cannot become a car!  If that isn’t clear enough then here it is plain and simple... just because you are around designer clothes as part of your job that does not qualify you to be a designer of record, which of course you aren’t as there is a team devoted to that chore, bless their souls.

n essence, I hope you are ready for the big box stores as your clients as water does seek its own level... kiss kiss and ciao!

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