Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maria Grachvogel London Collections fall 2013

“Hey Mikey... he likes it!”

Even though this is not my usual cup of tea, I must say I find the fall collection by Maria Grachvogel very appealing.  There is the obvious softness, the easy draping, no severe hard lines, the beautiful use of prints and that slouchy, feel good attitude that this collection exudes.

I am not saying this is perfection, I am not saying that this sets the world on fire but what I am saying is that these look commercially viable wearable clothes that I can see women wanting to wear and own.  In the past 2 weeks, that sentiment is something that seems to be an enigma to many designers.  Ms. Grachvogel sues a somewhat unusual palette yet makes it intriguing and I am one who normally hates that shade of gold and that awful pinky taupe but she does make it work by taking it a shade off the norm. Soft draping at the neck and on the torso is the name of the game and the photographic/degrade prints are artfully used without being overbearing... another unusual moment. 

London has shown me or introduced me to some new names and I am hoping that these people are not one show wonders who hit the nail on the head once and then go off on some arty tangent with unwearable clothes and never to be seen or heard from again.  The world of fashion is in need of a reality check or in other words the polar opposite of what Tom Ford showed last evening.  There is absolutely no need to be an attention grabbing media whore when there is business to be done and there is a severe shortage of resources with which to do that business.

P.S. .. the stand up collar and the sagging boobie dress need some work

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