Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Donna Karan New York Collections fall 2013

Okay so, this season we got “Old Donna,” New Donna,” and then as with every show of hers in the past years, we got “What were you thinking Donna.”  What never ever changes is the fact that Karan is at her best when she uses her tailoring chops to show off her amazing ability to sex up these hard edged tailored pieces.

She went back to jersey and leather and added a bit of softness with the “wrap element.”  Then, of course, there is the “drape element” which again is most effective when used with restraint.  My favorite pieces were the outerwear jackets and coats which were as clean and sharp as possible without looking old and tired.  Somehow it seemed  that either the brown grouping became the group where all the questionable styles were collected or that she really isn’t fond of the color and subconsciously used the weakest styles in that group.

There is not a question in my mind that Ms. Karan is one the greater talents of the 20th century but she slips and slides along season after season creating collections which are end results of her own emotions and ego rather than the “retailability” of any collection.  This is not to say that any Donna Karan collection was of a forgiving silhouette, well any beautiful collection, but there are times when Karan successfully adds “any size” elements which become a great asset to that collection.

Part of me wants that exhilaration and rush that came along with Donna’s very first few collections and I can’t ever seem to reclaim that feeling from those early times.  At any rate, I surely wouldn’t pan this collection but then again I surely can’t rave about it either.  What I certainly can say is there is plenty here to please the DK client and even to beckon a new client. 

With all this being said, this collection is a lot better than what has been shown in the past week or so! So, instead of a bravo Donna, it’s a yay Donna! (y)


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